Friday, September 05, 2008

IUI is Done

At 7am, H. and I were in the clinic and by 7:40 he had given his sample. We then headed down Bloor Street to a local breakfast joint to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. I didn't have to be back to the clinic until 10am. We took our time over breakfast talking about what was about to happend and plans for our future (we're thinking of refinancing our house). That brought us to 8:45 or so. We then headed down Bloor and up to Yorkville - a swanky little part of T.O. with lots of high end shops and restaurants. We noticed that the TIF.F had started and a film was going to be shown around 9am. TIF.F is the Toront.o Inte.rnation F.ilm, Bra.d among others will be in town to show their films and rub elbows at a lot fo galas etc. It's kind of neat to witness the excitement around the festival. H and his Dad are planning on going to one of the films, and H & I may go see either Passche.ndaele (a Canadian film by Pa.ul Gross) or Bur.n After R.eading.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, so to speak, after walking around and killing time at Ind.igo. We headed back to the clinic for 10am. There was one other clinic ahead of us having an IUI done. At 10:55am, I was officially inseminated. H. gave his sample at 7am, it resulted in 16 million healthy little swimmers. Dr. Handsome said that anything over 1 million is what they're looking for which is great. The only issue I have is that I don't think the timing was very good - my temp hasn't dropped and there isn't very much eggwhite CM, but I'm not the expert, right? We're supposed to do the deed (dtd) for the next 3 days to maximize our chances. And, joy of all joys, I start progesterone suppositories tonight. Beta is two weeks today.

H. was in the room with me when I had the IUI. I wanted him there because if we do really get a live baby out of this, I wanted him to feel like he was really a part of this. You know - that we were at least in the room together. It was funny, I asked Dr. Handsome if there was anything special that I was supposed to avoid or do. And he said that "nope, it's just like when you have sex". I couldn't help myself and replied "well, this isn't exactly like sex" he blushed. Teehee.

The part that was the best is that I had been worried about my FSH and E2 numbers - they were 7.2 and 115 respectively. Someone had mentioned that my FSH could be low because my E2 was too high and was therefore suppressing the FSH. That anything under 100 is what they're looking for. Well, H. brought this up with the dr. and it turns out that the unit of measurement that they use in Canada is different than in the US. In Canada, anything under 200 is considered good. So, I just plain had good numbers. Yay!


Andrea said...

How I wish I had your FSH/E2 numbers!! Good luck!

Lost in Space said...

I'm so glad it all went well and hope that your 2ww flies by and ends with a BFP.

It's great that you were able to clear things up with the FSH/estradiol numbers. I hope I didn't worry you at all. I just wanted share what I have learned along the way. Great news that things are measured differently in Canada and all is great!!