Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weird Searches

I just checked my goo.gle ana.lytics to peek at my stats and to look at the search phrases used to find me.

Having the word "oven" in the title of my blog has led to a few people finding my blog with some strange searches:

1. Babies having to go in the oven. Huh? I'm hoping this wasn't from someone who was looking to cook their children. I know it's morbid and not funny - but wow!

2. How to tell if my oven is celsius. Well, they'll find a lot about the temperature of my oven, but not quite in the way they were hoping I'm sure.

3. Superstitions on ovens. Who knew there were superstitions for ovens?

4. Killing yourself with an oven. My heart goes out to this person. I truly hope that he/she was searching for this as research for a book or article or something and not for information on how to harm themself.


Lost in Space said...

Wow, those are bizarre.

Beyla said...

Interesting to know.