Monday, September 08, 2008

To DTD or Not

The parting instructions we were given on Friday after the IUI was to have sex for the following 3 days. So, what, magically we’ll get pregnant naturally after 24 cycles of no bfp’s? We dtd the following day, but we didn’t do it yesterday. On FF, my chart shows that I o’d on Friday, if only with hash marked lines, if it wasn’t Friday it certainly was on Saturday. Since the egg has a 24 hour shelf life, I’m not sure what dtd would add at this point. H. is stressed about not working, he’s worried and tired. The act of dtd right now is just added stress. It makes it so mechanical. So, should we dtd today? My inclination is not to, but I don’t want to have paid all that money for this not to work. Then I think hell I paid the money for the IUI, if we could get pg by having sex that would have happened already. Does anyone see the irony here?

So, I feel guilty for not following the dr.’s orders to do something we know doesn’t work for us. Blah.

I’ve been doing the progesterone suppositories. Thank gawd it’s only at night. I couldn’t imagine having to do that more than once a day. I don’t think I’ve experienced any side effects, maybe as I get further into this 2ww I’ll have them. I read a great post on a blog (now I don’t remember who’s it was – sorry) about there not really being any pg symptoms during the 2ww. That they’re all progesterone induced whether you’re on suppositories or going it au naturel. That makes it easier for me to get through this 2WW, because I won’t be thinking “there was a twinge in the area of my uterus, my boobs are sore and my sense of smell is stronger – I wonder if this month I’m actually pg” I can chalk everything up to the progesterone and just wait and see what happens.


Andrea said...

It doesn't hurt try, but I think if you DTD (I love that acronym, by the way) the day after your IUI, you should be covered. Good luck!!!!

Lost in Space said...

If you're up for it, I say go for it. If not, I really do think you have your bases covered.

Yup, that progesterone can give off nearly every pg symptom in the book. When you are on that stuff, there really is no sure-fire way to know if you are pg until you test. (:

Good luck!! I hope this cycle is the one.

Arpee said...

Wish you a comfy 2ww!

BTW what does DTD stand for? By context I know it means the same as BD but I just cant figure out what DTD means...