Monday, January 05, 2009


I’m slowly moving past the last failed cycle. I keep thinking – was it actually a chemical or is my mind so powerful, the constant wishing for success, that I was able to delay my period. Who knows? If my mind is that powerful, wouldn’t I be pregnant by now?! For whatever reason, it just wasn’t meant to be at this time. So, we keep moving and trying, and get ready for IUI#2 – I’m on cycle 29 and it will take place cycle 30. I’m sure we’ll do the pure.gon again. I don’t see why they’d change my protocol.

Ah, but to the title of my post – Resolutions. I don’t usually have resolutions because I very rarely stick to them. So this year I’ve set out goals for the year rather than specific resolutions. They are, in no particular order:

1. Lose 60lbs by the end of 2009.
2. Finish my university degree.
3. Have a healthy baby (or at least be pregnant so that we’ll end up with a healthy baby in 2010).
4. Pay off a couple of my credit cards.

All of these things, except the baby, are within my control.

I have more than 60lbs to lose, but I felt like that’s a pretty good goal. If I lose 10lbs every two months I’ll be there. It seems really doable to me. I’m going to work out a minimum of 4 times a week and I’m going to watch what I eat. I am considering doing W.atchers because I’ve been successful with it in the past. Whatever I choose it has to be something that I’m going to stick with.

I dropped out of university after my 2nd year and went back a couple of years ago. I’m completing a BofEd in Adult Education. I have 3 more courses to complete it. I know I can do it!!

As to the paying off of the credit cards, both DH and I have rather elaborate spreadsheets that detail our budget (he keeps our joint budget). I have set out a great plan to pay off 2 credit cards this year and by the middle of 2010, if all goes as planned, I should have all of my debt paid off. I feel like a burden has been lifted already with just having the plan in place.

Now I get to the baby. I figure that working towards losing 60lbs will put me in a better situation physically to get pregnant. H. & I will do what we have to do to make this a reality for us. I’ll shoot myself with whatever I need to shoot myself with to give us the best odds. I’m just going to try and think positively. There’s not a lot more that we can do.

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Lost in Space said...

Sending more hugs from your last cycle and hoping good things come from IUI#2.

Great goals....and even greater are the plans in place to accomplish them. Here's to hoping 2009 is your year!