Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well That Sucked

Not a fan of W.ars, really really did not like that movie. It had its moments, and the potential was there for it to be a good movie, but it really fell short of that.

We went to that 50's inspired diner - loved the atmosphere, but it was a total rip off. Almost $8 for a burger... you read that correctly. You don't get any sides with it. We ordered onion rings and they were considered an appetizer. So, you get the onion rings, eat them and then 15 minutes later you get your burger. $11 bucks total for a crappy burger and so-so onion rings.

The high point of the evening was getting to spend some time with the girls. It's always great to see them.

I think one of the main reasons I didn't like this movie was that I wasn't their target audience. I wasn't one of those little girls that dreamed about her wedding day and had it all planned out, just waiting to insert the man of my dreams into my plans.


As a fertility challenged woman, I really didn't appreciate the ending - where they're both spontaneaously pregnant and due on the same day. Barf!


Lost in Space said...

Gahhh. Should have figured this movie would end that way. I avoided that new Christmas one (can't think of the name) and Marley and Me after reading crap on Wikipedia. I just checked Bride Wars and based on their description and yours I will skip this one too. (-;

I'm glad you at least had fun out with the girls!

I was reading your last post too and wondering how long before you are thinking of doing another IUI. I like what your naturopath had to say!

Spacey said...

Sorry you didn't like the movie.
I liked it although I never dreamt of planning my wedding when I was a child. I dreaded planning even after we were
I thought the movie was light and fluffy. Nothing spectacular, but good for a few laughs.