Thursday, February 26, 2009

CD2 BW & Ultrasound

Today was my CD2 blood work and ultrasound for a possible IVF cycle. Today was a better day than the last time I thought I was starting a cycle. I didn’t close the car door on my leg this time – that’s a huge improvement. I got there late and was called in by around 9:05 for my blood work. It took 2 people and 3 punctures to get any blood.

The first person punctured my arm - no blood, punctured my hand - no blood, had to call in a 3rd person- 3rd puncture - success! Then went in for my ultrasound - there were 3 big droplets of blood on the floor of the change room. I know it's just menstrual blood and it's to be expected, but someone get a mop and clean that shit up! Nobody wants to look at that.

So, I go into the room for my ultrasound and hop on the table. There are two Dr.’s in there – Dr. B and some other guy who introduces himself but I don’t really catch his name. He’s the lucky one who gets to do the ultrasound. It starts off great – “well, you’ve got some follicles” – then oh, but they’re kind of big… oh you have a cyst. Fuck. I had a feeling that’s the way things would turn out. I didn’t ovulate last month so of course I get a cyst to add to my troubles. Anyway, they check out both ovaries and my lining (.6 for those of you keeping track) and send me on my way. I’m to take BCP for a week and then come back and they’ll check to see if the cyst has shrunk any. Then we’ll go from there.

Now here’s the thing. I couldn’t get an answer about my FSH – if it’s still high what will we do this month – do I still go ahead with the IVF? Will it be cancelled for another month? When I asked Dr. B said something about the BCP inhibiting my FSH so does that mean it’s like an estrogen priming protocol?

I guess I just wait for the call and see what they say.

ETA - I called them - FSH 6.7, Estrogen 172 (in Canada unde 200 is good - so it's an OK number) - I can't get over how much FSH can fluctuate. Crazy.

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Spacey said...

Ohhhh...I'm so glad the FSH is such a nice number this time around!
I hope the cyst will disappear after the week of BCP so you can move ahead with your IVF cycle! **fingers crossed**