Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Dog Ate my Thermometer - Again.

My dog ate my thermometer again – actually for the third time now. I leave it out on my nightstand because if I put it away I know it will be out of sight out of mind. I also know that my dog (the chocolate lab) loves to chew all things plastic… so I should know better. Part of me thinks I should just take it as a sign that I shouldn’t be taking my temperature any more; the more practical side sees it as a dog doing what I know he will do.

I haven’t run out and replaced it for a couple of reasons. 1. My temp was all over the place and I was so obviously not ovulating that I don’t really care to see my temps right now. I’m just waiting for AF to show so that I can get to CD3 to have my blood work and find out if I’m going to do IVF. 2. If my next course of action is IVF, I don’t really need to temp any more so don’t really need that thermometer.

I think I’ve settled in to a state of acceptance. We’re not going to get pregnant naturally so we need a little help – we may need a hell of a lot of help, but it is what it is. I believe that we’ll be parents. It surprises me how much I believe it at times. But, that’s been one pretty constant belief I’ve had the whole time. We will have at least one healthy baby to take home with us of that I’m sure.


CHAR said...

I love your atitiude!!I wish you all the besy hon!!

Lost in Space said...

Leaving that thing behind was the most liberating thing I have done in this process. At first I was lost and nearly nuts because I had nothing to obsess over, but then it just felt good. (-;

BTW, my brother has 2 chocolate labs and the older one has eaten entire loaves of bread, sticks of butter, tube socks - multiple times, and even chewed through a chain link fence. I'm sure it gets old, but seeing you have a chocolate made me smile.....

Queenie. . . said...

You sound like you are in a good place.

Dogs crack me up at the stuff they do. Mine never, ever chews or eats anything. . .except, Christmas night we came home to find an entire bag of trash strewn about every corner of our first floor, as though the place had been thoroughly ransacked, and an empty can of pumpkin pie filling lovingly licked clean in her bed.

Spacey said...

LOL....that's too funny about your dog. Maybe your bog wanted to take his/her temp as well? ;)
Wishing you all the best with the next steps.