Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Good Day

Just a quick note about the new Dr. C., I like him very much. He called me today to confirm some information about my TSH level and how the thyroid affects fertility. He then went on to talk to me about how I had follicles and that was promising. That he thinks my FSH will come down and we’ll be able to do an IVF cycle. He also said that he’s looking forward to seeing my blood work next cycle because I won’t be on any progesterone or Chinese herbs so he’ll be able to get a truer look at what’s going on with me.

He ended the conversation by saying that he feels very optimistic about me getting a chance at IVF and the ensuing outcomes. I could tell that he was holding himself back from saying that I’ll get pregnant… he’s not in the position to say that and he doesn’t want to give me false hope. But I love his enthusiasm.

It’s nice to know I’ve got someone on my side; it’s really the first time I’ve felt this way at my clinic. Don’t get me wrong, I like Dr. B. It’s just that he’s a little on the quiet side and a little tougher to get an opinion from.

Today has been a good day.


Lost in Space said...

So glad you have an RE who is on your side and giving you some optimism. It really does help so much!!

Keep the good days coming....

Spacey said...

That's such a nice phone call! :)