Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I find this article worrisome. It talks about fertility clinic's lack of concern about the potential baby's potential future. Or, in other words, the "fitness" of the infertile requesting treatment as a parent.

Any person with the ability to procreate can do so without any license, courses or background checks. But, should you require assistance in getting pg, then what? Is it ok to have background checks like those necessary to adopt? Should fertility clinics be able to turn aside potential parents because of their background, financial status or emotional state?

I can understand why the question is being asked (a woman with 6 children already, no job, no means of support, has 8 more via ivf), but I fear giving this much power to the doctors. There is already such a "god-complex" amongst this group that I am cautious about giving even more power to them.

On another note, how did that women afford to have IVF 7 times? She's also got a university degree and is doing her masters... where is she getting this money? And, how do I get on that gravy train?

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Lost in Space said...

This lady and these kind of articles continue to boil my blood.

About the octuplet mom - she needs a psychiatric evaluation. She is one seriously disturbed individual. I am helping to pay for her babies through my taxes (CA resident), yet can't afford another round of IVF for myself if this cycle doesn't work.

About the clinic that helped her with this - WTF were they thinking?!? Someone should be losing their license. Completely unethical.

About the article - embryos are not implanted by a doctor, moron. They are only transferred. I get where this guy is coming from and am torn on how I feel about it. I don't think they would be looking to stop the majority of IF people from their dreams of parenthood, just weeding out some of the whack jobs. My only issue comes from this not being their job to decide. It is their job to advise and follow ethical medical standards so as long as this is achieved, there should be no reason to require "guidelines".