Friday, December 11, 2009

CD14 and we have some growth

We almost missed the clinic hours again today. H. just couldn't drag his butt out of bed, I walked through the clinic door at 8:31am. The nice thing about that is that I walked in and only waited 30 seconds before being brought in for my ultra sound, then went straight in for my blood work, met with the nurse and was out of there in about 20 minutes at the most. I think this is making up for all of those times I've gotten there early and the waiting room has been packed.

News today is that I have a 0.5 on my right and a 1.1 on the left. When I met with R she told me that she thought that they would give me the weekend off, and depending on my blood work they may cancel me this cycle. I have usually ovulated by now, so this is definitely a weird cycle for me. I left the clinic hoping that I am not having another anovulatory cycle. I was a little bit down and thought this is just one more thing that is proving that it really is time for donor eggs. My body is just not cooperating with me.

Just called home and got my blood work results - Estrogen is up to 246 from 68 on Monday. They are giving me tomorrow off, but I will be going back in on Sunday. Looks like I may still be in the game after all.


CHAR said...

You know I am rooting for you all the way girl!!


BTW- Loved that poem you posted-Thank you for sharing.

Spacey said...

Grow follies grow!!!

Mad Hatter said...

246! Go lady go! I love it when our bodies turn the expectations of the clinic upside-down! Knock 'em dead on Sunday!