Monday, December 07, 2009

Other things

I had some other stuff up here, but I'm not comfortable posting it... wasn't sure about it before I posted and now I just took it down.


On a completely different note, I’m not sure if I mentioned that my Mom is friends with a couple that can give me some insight into the medical system in the CR. The husband J. is from the CR and is currently in Prague, he knows a woman who is a nurse so he inquired on our behalf about the clinic and the care provided. Word back is that the clinic is very good and the care is excellent. She’s even looking into alternatives and going to provide more feedback on specific doctors. I’m so touched that he would go out of his way for us. It turns out that this couple knows first hand about infertility. In the eighties, M (the wife) went to the best fertility doctors in Toronto, she was 40 years old. They told her she was too old to do anything. They wouldn’t work with her at all, I don’t even know if donor eggs was an option back then, but she was told outright that they wouldn’t help her. I don’t know if they looked into adoption or just decided to live child free at that time. They know our pain and want to help us. I am extremely thankful for/to them.

I can almost imagine the conversation M had with her doctor. It’s pretty close to the donor egg speech, but at least there’s still something that can be done for me. This has also pointed out to me just how far medical care has come. Who knows, in 20 or 30 years, there may be something that they can do to help women with high fsh or diminished ovarian reserve. Maybe there will be a test that they can do at a younger age that will help women make informed decisions about their fertility.

CD9 check up today, I almost missed the appointment – showed up at 8:31 and the clinic is supposed to close at 8:30. The nice thing right now is that the clinic isn’t very busy because they’re closing soon for the holidays. I basically walk in get my blood work done and head straight back for an ultrasound. I’m in and out of there in around 20 minutes.

I should hear back later today as to how the follies are doing… it didn’t seem like there were any there – maybe 1 – and also find out about my estrogen.

UPDATE: Apparently I have .5 on my left and a .4 on my right. Estrogen is up to 68. I go back on Thursday for my next follow up. Weird.


Lost in Space said...

Nice to have the inside scoop, but how wad for M & J.

Hope you've got some nice growth going on Thursday!

Spacey said...

Sorry to hear that you removed some stuff but I can totally understand not feeling comfortable to share certain things.

Awesome for getting the inside scoop on the clinic and more feedback.
It's really amazing how far ART has come in the last 20-30 years. ICSI, for example, wasn't done until the 80s.

Sending lots of growing vibes to those follies for the next appointment.

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Anonymous said...

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