Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Going Around

I have a sniffly nose (not really congested, don't really have to blow my nose, it's more like post-nasal drip), sneezing occasionally my great big booming sneezes and I'm bone-tired. My co-workers are all feeling like this. Our whole team has this stupid bug. That's why I feel so tired, there is a little woe is me in there, but it's mainly the bug.

Finished buying for my bro and his girlfriend, I have a couple more things to buy for my parents, a couple things to buy for my FIL and a few things for H. I'm slowly getting to the end of my Christmas shopping. Thank goodness the store opens at 8am.

My friends and I were talking about Christmas specials the other day. One of my absolute faves is "Nes.tor the Long-eared Chris.tmas Don.key". It's animated in the same vein as Rudolph. I just loved it as a kid. My favourite Christmas movies are A Christmas Story, Scrooged, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, Elf and I think that's it.

What are yours?


Kate said...

What about the Gri.nch?
I've never heard of Nes.tor - must check it out!

Valery said...

From childhood I only remember my grandmother reading Christmas Stories From A Big Book to us, sitting around the tree and the fireplace. It was mesmerizing listening to her voice. (But I have no idea what the stories were now!)

Anonymous said...

I recall hearing a Christmas song about a donkey this year - escaping me now, but maybe it's the same one?

Mad Hatter said...

I've got it, too - a full-blown cold! A-choo!
It's a Wonderful Life is my favourite, and A Christmas Carol is Mr. Hatter's. We also like to watch A Christmas Story and The Santa Clause, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Love all the old Christmas specials, too, especially Frosty and Rudolph and the Peanuts...vaguely remember the donkey - will have to look it up. Hope you don't get as sick as I am! ;-)