Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Virtual Rally Today

Today is the day for the virutal email rally to the Ontario government to remind them that it's time to cover IVF as part of OHIP.

Here's the link in case you want to get in on it. The rally is at Noon, but even if you can't hit that time, it's better late than never.


So, as a part of my CD3 appointment, I talked to the nurse and let her know that we're going forward with donor eggs. I asked her for some medical information and also asked if they would do my cd 12/14 ultrasound prior to flying to CR for egg transfer. She said she'd talk to the dr. Well, when she called she told me that Dr. H2.0 would not work with me - e.g. he won't give me a fucking u/s that I'd pay for, and also if I want the medical information I can pay for a copy of my file (I think that's around $200). Asshole. Oh, and he wants to have a follow up appointment with me in January. What's he going to say... we tried naturally with me and it's not going to happen that way so we should move to donor eggs?! What could this man possibly tell me that I don't already know. I'm so disappointed in my experience with him. I was told that he liked a puzzle and would be aggressive in treatment. In fact, he likes the 'easy' solutions, is not aggressive and charges the most money in the city for his middle of the road approach.

As a bonus, I am going through a bit of a mind fuck because I think I had a chemical pg. TMI coming... I had two or three huge clots on Monday afternoon. Clots so big that I actually had to force them out of my cervix. Clots so big I could feel them slide down my canal. It was gross and a little scary, but not painful at all. I didn't detail my symptoms at all over the two week wait. I had extremely sore nipples, nausea, cramping etc. I even emailed myivfalternative to find out if we'd lose our deposit if I was pregnant. Maybe it was all in my head, but man if that's the case where they heck did those clots come from. How does that even happen?

On the donor egg front, we have faxed our contract to the company. I called and spoke with Mag yesterday to make sure she'd received them. She told me that she had received the docs and then started asking me about when we want to cycle. It's weird it sounds like they have pools of donors based on blood type. So, if we went with a B+ donor we could cycle as soon as March 18th. H & I are O+ and A+ respectively, so we could never have a child that is B+. Not that it matters really. But, we decided that if we're going to go with donor eggs then we should choose a donor that is as close to us (me) as possible. So, we decided to wait until the O+/A+ donor pool is available - April 15th. We have a date that we're working towards!


Kate said...

Maybe you can arrange to have the scan at an independent radiology clinic? I've had great experiences with CML health care at Yonge and Davisville. My OB referred me there for my transvaginal cervical length scans. It might be worth calling to see if you can pay out of pocket for the follicular/endo scan, or is it just to look at your lining?
My original OB doesn't work in an infertility clinic, but does ovulation induction and follicular and lining scans too. She might be willing to do one if you called her office and explained the situation - she's an absolutely phenomenal person. Not sure exactly what U/S training she's got however, but she could see what she needed to on me.
St Mike's does transvag follicular and endometrium tracking too, though probably only if one of the St Mike's docs orders it. Should even be covered by OHIP (all of mine were - they don't have to know it's for IVF).
If you can get a referral from your family doc or a walk-in clinic, maybe that would work? CML will take any referral, and you could check with them whether they can do that type of thing.
Sounded like you needed some ideas, so I hope that helps a little. You've got some time to get organized at least.
And congrats on having a target cycle date!!!

babyrecipe said...

I hope you find someone a bit nicer to handle your ultrasounds. The doctor sounds a bit like you damaged his ego... what he doesn't get is that you are the patient and the one he should be caring for.

Lost in Space said...

Wow, your doctor really pisses me off! My second RE was very accommodating for our out-of-state cycle with RE #3, but I know that RE #1 would have reacted the same way as yours. Do you think it's bad that I have to # my RE's? LOL.

I'm sorry for the screwed up cycle. I have very clotty heavy periods 1-2 times a year and have always blamed my endo. Mine are always super painful though. I can definitely see why this one bothered you so much.

I had never thought of blood type before. I think it's great that you are waiting a month longer to get what you want. Yeah for progress!! Let the countdown begin.