Monday, December 14, 2009

Done at the Clinic for 2009

This morning apparently I had a conversation with H wherein I told him that I wasn't going to the clinic today because I overslept. (The conversation took place around 6am). Well, H. being H. he took me at my word and was lolly gagging around our house. Having no recollection of the conversation, I of course was hounding him "when are you going to be ready, what do you have left to do, are you going to be ready soon etc etc" After not getting anywhere with him and starting to be in serious jeopardy of missing the clinic hours I said "It's 5 to 8am, I have to go to the clinic, when are you going to be ready?!" (ok, it may have been yelled). This is when I found out that I had told him I wasn't going to the clinic. We then ran around like crazy, got ready, and made it to the clinic by 8:33. Luckily they don't close up shop right at 8:30. I literally walked in, signed the clipboard and as I was putting the pen down they brought me in for blood work, while having my blood taken I was told to go straight back for the ultra sound. I then met with the nurse and was out of there I'd say within 10 to 15 minutes. Nurse R told me that my follie was at 1.65 - up from 1.45 yesterday. I didn't ask about my lining (have sent her an email and am awaiting news) we were just waiting to see what my estrogen is today. I was hoping we could last one more day - my estrogen was at almost 400 yesterday and I was hoping it would get to 500 as that is optimal. Well, I got the call and my blood work is back. My body has different plans for me. LH is up over 100, estrogen is down to 338. So, we have sex tonight and I start crinone tomorrow. The clinic closes on Saturday so I don't go back there for the rest of the year. I'm supposed to take a HPT on December 29th and if it's positive go back to the clinic on January 4th for a beta.

There's a small chance that we're still in the game. I'm going to cling to that little glimmer of promise.

Edited to Add: My lining is at a fluffy 1.1 today; on Friday it was .65. It's amazing to me how much things can change in a couple of days.

Oops - sorry about the bad grammar/spelling mistakes; I've corrected it now.


Valery said...

I'm hoping the coming days will bring even bigger changes! Your body seems to be working really hard for it this time, I think on Wiki it said LH peaks are between 20 to 70, so 100 should surely be enough?
And you know, this will probably be your last xmas without knowing when this baby is finally coming... :)

Mad Hatter said...

Ha-larious about the 6 am conversation! I was so tired last night I put my prepared lunch in the cupboard instead of the fridge! ;-)
I'm so happy to hear about your lining, and glad you are still in the game! Looks like we're both on a similar path this week - wishing for two Christmas miracles that lead to playdates a year from now!!!

babyrecipe said...

very impressed with your lining - I hope this means something good this month!

Spacey said...

Too funny about the 6am convo. It sucks that your clinic closes for monitoring after 8:30am. Glad you made it. I'm keeping everything crossed that you'll have to go back in early January for that beta. ;)