Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hodgo Podge

Hi! It's been a while, I'm doing ok. Had my stress test for my heart yesterday, I think it went okay. They got my heart beating over 160bpm and there was no pain, no tightness in my chest. I was just winded because I'm so incredibly out of shape. I'm still having the pain and I still have to keep telling myself it's my ribs not my heart. But, when you're in this heightened sense of awareness, it's hard to just let it go.

Got some good news today, my brother's friends wife is going to give me my lupron depot shot. My aunt was going to do it, but here husband is having his knee replace that day. I kind of feel better about this because while I love my aunt, I don't think she'd keep the info to herself.

My brother was at Capl.ansky's De.li on the weekend and was eating a bowl of Borscht and found a really chewy part in it. It was a bandaid!!!! And, the owner was in the restaurant and refused to acknowledge them when they tried to get his attention. The staff said "he went out the back door to run errands". Ya, right.

Disgusting. I would never ever eat there.

Edit: There is a comment from Zane (the owner of the deli above) regarding my post re the bandaid in the soup that I have not verified as fact from my brother. My interpretation of the events, based on a conversation with my brother yesterday, are apparently an overly dramatic version of what occured. Zane says he didn't ignore my brother and his girlfriend and that he was told it was a rubberband not a bandaid. He has asked me to edit my post, I removed one line, but have left the remainder as is. This was my brother's perspective as told to me. And, I don't care if it's a bandaid or a rubberband - it's disgusting to find that in your food.


Fran said...

Delighted you got the all clear (and I know that you need to repeat to yourself that everything is ok, I do it too!) and good news about sorting out the injection.

Totally disgusting about the Deli....

Zane said...

Hey, you misrepresent what happened at the deli with your brother. I was told by the server that your brother found a rubber band in his soup. Your brother sent me an email explaining what happened and I apologised for his experience. I certainly never ignored him or avoided him in any way.

I'd appreciate if you check your facts with him and amend your post. It may be more dramatic sounding the way you tell it, but it isn't true.

Lost in Space said...

So glad the stress test went well. It sounds like it has given you some awareness that the pain is not your heart and that alone is huge.

So the lupron depot is supposed to shut everything down, right? How long does that last? No other reason than curiosity. (-;

Umm, band-aid or rubber band - clearly disgusting either way. The apologizing might help clear up the misunderstanding on being ignored, but it doesn't do much for the soup surprise...I would not go back if it happened to me.

Mad Hatter said...

Why is it that when I read Zane's comment, I hear him saying it in a Jersey accent?