Monday, March 01, 2010

Is it in my cards?

I went to a friend's blog today and she has a free tarot card widget at the bottom of her page. I asked my question to myself and selected my 3 cards. Here are the results:

Past - 9 of Cups
Wealth. A time of plenty or a person of great means. A comfort and peace of mind that comes from having material desires fulfilled. Opulence

Present - 10 of Cups
Goals that are achieved. Relationships that are true. Dreams are turned to reality and happiness abounds. A time to rejoice with those close to you.

Future - Queen of Cups
Cherishing and giving. A person who is supportive and can be trusted. Someone who gives birth to ideas and adds support to those of others. A teacher and mentor.

So, what are your thoughts?


Mad Hatter said...

That looks like a perfect reading, Sweet Georgia! Looks like you are on the mommy path!!! :-)

I did mine, too, and it was:

Knight of Cups - Goals are far away and require a journey, either physical or spiritual. Represents creativity and yearning. Fulfillment exists but may be far away. A journey begins.

Victory - Success as a result of time and energy well spent. Advancement comes on the back of sound performance. A possible promotion or financial success.

Mixed Emotions - A confusion of emotions and thoughts. That which was once clear has become sullied with too many outside forces. Something has gone off course. Remember what you want. Avoid temptation.

Hmmm...I'm hoping those mixed emotions are from pregnancy hormones! ;-)


Lost in Space said...

I am clueless with these kinds of things. LOL. I hope it means all good stuff though!

Sweet Georgia said...

Maddy, your reading looks really promising too! The cards must have been feeling friendly last night.