Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CD3 Blood Work & Ultrasound

I made it through and it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. The worst part was the nurse who was taking my blood. She didn’t seem very confident about actually getting any blood out of veins – too deep and little, one false move and it can be a huge bruise. I thought I was about to become a pin cushion, but luckily she was moved with stealth and took the sample.

Back to the waiting room I went to sit with my hubby. H. was kind enough to sit with me and hold my hand so to speak. Except that we argued the whole time – awkward! Totally packed, quiet, waiting room full of other infertiles and hubby decides he wants to discuss everything about our relationship. I, of course, didn’t make things better because the more he pushed and prodded me to talk the more I dug in my heels not to. I don’t know if any of the other people noticed – there noses were buried so deep in their papers and magazines, but I’m sure they did. I was completely embarrassed. You see in H’s family if you have a problem or want to discuss something you just do it, if it enters their head they share it. It doesn’t matter where you are or with whom. I on the other hand come from a family where it doesn’t matter if 5 minutes before you were going to leave for a party everyone was at each others’ necks spewing venom, the minute you were out that door the smiles were pasted on and everything was hunky dory. No one thought my family ever had quarrels because we never aired our dirty laundry in public. These two very different mindsets collided this morning in the RE’s office. Add to it that I was extremely stressed about what was going to occur – I was about to be violated by a man holding a wand – and well, I’m sure you get the idea.

We arrived at the clinic at 8:20 (I slept through my alarm, I wanted to get there for 7am), had my blood work within 20 minutes and then waited until 9:40 or so for the ultrasound. Here’s where I was the ultimate newbie. They called my name and I followed the nurse down the hallway, she pointed to a room and said go in there to get changed there’s a sheet on the counter. I went into the exam room, got undressed, put on some socks ‘cause I was wearing smelly shoes and didn’t want the doctor overwhelmed by my smelly feet, hopped up on the bed between the stirrups and covered myself with the sheet. And, waited. Then I heard faintly Sweet Georgia you can come in now. Thought to myself “hmm, there must be another Sweet Georgia since I’m in here already” then I heard them say it again. “Why would they be calling me when I’m already waiting for them and how come the sound is coming from the next room behind the adjoining door” I groused. Then the adjoining door opened and a little Asian man stuck his head through the door inviting me to join them next door. How was I to know? This was my first time. In my haste and through many apologies on my part, I never did get the little man’s name as he wanded me. There was a woman in the room as well, after asking me several personal questions (when did your period start, how many pregnancies, so no live children blah blah blah) she finally introduced herself. The little man said that my right ovary was quiet, but on the left I had two follicles one 1.3cm and the other 1.4cm, also my lining was .5 I believe. He said that we’d have to check my estrogen to make sure they don’t turn into cysts. After the appointment I put my clothes back on and headed back up to reception. I had to pay an admin fee of $200 and an additional $300 for the IUI. I was also given my prescription for Letrozole.

So now I’m just waiting for the call with the results of my blood work.

Just a minute

Hmmm, if you think about things long enough some times they actually come true. The clinic just called me. I’m not pregnant (all the blood and the low temperatures had already confirmed that), my FSH is 7.2 (Down from 12!!!!!!!) and my Estrogen is 115.

I’m ecstatic.

Now I’m off to get my prescription filled. I go back to the clinic on Saturday.


Lost in Space said...

I'm sorry about your discussion with your DH in the waiting room. I grew up like you did and totally understand your feelings on keeping things private. I hope you 2 were able to talk later and work it all out. (hugs)

I totally would have done the same thing as you - hopped up on the table and waited. Very cute story!! (:

Do you remember what your estrogen was when your FSH was 12? I know my RE wants my cd3 estrogen below 50 for IVF cycles although I think most prefer under 80. My RE explained that higher estrogen levels can possibly mask the true FSH value or can indicate cysts. I don't want to give you any cause for concern, but wanted to share what I have learned along the way as my FSH is also elevated. It might at least be worth a question to your RE to get his thoughts. He may think differently too.

I hope all works out great!! Good luck!!

CappyPrincess said...

Yup, I too would have assumed that here's a gown, here's a sheet and then seeing the table that it was implied you should hop on up.

I wish you the very best with this cycle.