Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh the Irony

First things first – my Dad is doing fine. He’s at home now. It was a whirlwind few days, but he was very luck in that he had the worst of the heart attacks at the hospital where they were able to treat it quickly. Because of this, the damage to his heart muscle was minimal, he now has a stent in one of his arteries and the heart should repair the damage that the heart attacks caused. Now, he’s home and can’t drive or play golf for 4 weeks. That is true punishment for him.

An extraordinarily nice thing happened as well, when we got home from the hospital on Thursday night, one of the neighbours had come and cut my parents’ lawn. It’s a pretty big property and was really appreciated. It’s amazing how people just kind of circle the wagons and pitch in when there’s an emergency.

Now onto my little bit of irony – I ovulated. According to FF, I O’d on CD17. You may remember this post , well, seems I was wrong. My chart doesn’t look ‘normal’ in comparison to past charts, but anyway apparently I did. We did the deed like crazy over that time period, so who knows? I thought we were completely out of the game, so it’s nice to know that at least we gave ourselves a really good chance of getting pg and if we don’t then I’ll be happy to move on to IUI.

I have said it before that I really want to have kids now because #1 I don’t want to be too old to enjoy the kids and #2 I don’t want my parents to be too old to enjoy their grandchildren. The heart attack made me even more aware of the ticking clock.

In case your interested - here's my chart.

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