Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I don't know if I mentioned it, and am too lazy to go back and check, but H. and I had rented a cottage for a week in July and then cancelled it around the time the market crashed. We felt in pretty dire straits financially and had just had a failed IVF, so we backed out. Well, I've been checking periodically to see if the cottage got rented out again - if it had we'd lose around $200, if it hadn't we'd lose our whole deposit. I checked yesterday and it was still available. H. and I looked at our financial situation and we figured that we can cover it ... so we're back on!

I can't wait for a week of quiet in the country! We've invited my parents, my brother and his girlfriend and my aunt & uncle up for one of the weekends. The cottage is huge and has a Wii. So, if it rains we're still golden.

On a completely separate note, I'm currently on an estrogen patch. I've had no side effects from it that I can tell. In fact, I feel great. Are you supposed to have side effects from the patch? And, do you know if it lengthens your cycle? My last cycle was 23 days. The nurse at the clinic said that it was probably due to the IVF. Shrug. I'm on CD25 now and am hoping for a regular cycle of 28 days. (well, what I'm really hoping for is a BFP). I have no idea if I ovulated, so this could be an anovulatory cycle that just runs on. Fuck, I hope it's not that.

Sorry about the f-bomb, but I'm leaving it in. I've been dropping a lot of them lately... guess it's just the mood I'm in.

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