Friday, May 22, 2009

Got a Plan

Dr. H 2.0 is not playing around. I went for an appointment with my cycle monitor nurse, let's call her Sunshine, today. It went really well. I thought when they said that we'd start out with cycle monitoring that it meant that they'd just monitor a natural cycle. NOPE. They are monitoring me to see how I respond to the Estrogen Priming Protocol. I start the patches today; the patches last 48 hours and then you have to change it. I do this until CD28 or I get my period, whichever comes first. Then I go in for CD3 blood work and they do a vaginal and external ultrasound. If all is as it should be I start 300iu of pure.gon per day. That's what I was on and didn't respond to for my IVF, so I'm a little worried about that. Then we will trigger and do 2 iui's back to back.

I told H. about this and he responded exactly as I was feeling "i don't know why.. but it sounds exciting.. i've got a good feeling about what you've just said."

So, we're back in the game. Oh and they got my TSH back, it was 3.17. They say that's normal and will only be worried about it when I get pregnant. Since in the first trimester they like to see it closer to 2.0.


CHAR said...

So happy you are back in the game!! Yeah!! I am am wishing you the best sweet gal:)


Infertile "hoping to be fertile" Naomi said...

wish you the best! I'm this journey too