Saturday, May 09, 2009

Dr. H 2.0

Well, we had our appointment with Dr H 2.0 yesterday. I already feel like he means business. We went over my case and things are not promising. Donor eggs were discussed, but we told him we're not ready to accept that fate and so we decided just to do the workup. He's going to monitor my next cycle and get the results of the blood tests - 12 vials in all and they're testing my AMH. I'm expecting that the AMH one will come back under 2.0, which will just confirm that my ovaries are fucked. Dr H 2.0 says my ovaries are responding like those of a 43 year old. He also sent my hubby for another SA that is some sort of DNA test.

I feel like we're in good hands and that they're going to try to get us pregnant.

The weird thing about this appointment is that it made H and I think a lot about our options. where just a couple weeks ago we weren't open to donor eggs or adoption, we are thinking a lot more about it now. We are open to the options, whereas before we were just dead set against it. It's true that you really don't know how you'll react to things until you're faced with the situation.

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Spacey said...

I'm glad that Dr.H 2.0 means business and that there is a way forward.
I hope the workup comes back great and surprises all of you.

I totally agree that you never know how far you'll go unless you are in that situation.