Thursday, April 10, 2008

Amendment to Bill C-10

Not a fertility related post.

The Canadian federal government has essentially passed an amendment to the Income Tax Act - Bill C-10 (it is now sitting with the Senate) that gives the government censorship control of Canadian films. Currently, Canadian TV and Film projects are eligible for tax credits from the government; Bill C-10 will allow the Canadian government to give tax credits to only those TV/Film projects which they deem appropriate. The Harper government back-doored this amendment. But that's not all. American tv/film projects made in Canada are also eligible for the tax credits. The amendment will not apply to the American projects. So the Harper government is basically fucking Canadian culture for the profits of American projects.

I hate Stephen Harper and his government, his right-wing, fundamentalist, American approach is sanctimonious and underhanded. The Americans are winding up their final term with the worst president in their history. I can't wait until the term for the worst Prime Minister in Canada's history ends as well.

Edited to say: When I refer to the "American approach", it should really read George Bush-esque.

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