Monday, April 28, 2008


I had my first meeting with my naturopathic doctor today. I heart Dr. W. She was amazing. She asked all kinds of questions, really listened when I gave my responses and she seemed to genuinely care about what she does. I was very impressed with her. And, above all else, she has given me hope. We have a plan of attack. No dairy, no caffeine, acupuncture once a week, 2 fruit/day, and I have to start temp'ing again. When I left she said, we'll do the acupuncture every week until I get pregnant. There weren't any "ifs", she is very positive and I can do with a little positivity right about now.

The biggest thing I found out from this session is that I have been in denial about the amount of stress in my life. I said my stress level was medium to high, but then realized that with 3 panic attacks in the last year that my stress level is really almost off the charts. The approach that Dr. W is going to take is to address my fertility issues first, but with a secondary treatment of the stress I'm feeling.

My first acupuncture appointment is on Thursday, I'm really looking forward to becoming a giant pin cushion. I finally feel like I have someone in my corner working with me towards getting pregnant. Of course there's H., but he's all "don't be so negative. I know this is going to work out" which is great, but doesn't really allow for me to express myself.

Small sigh of relief. Hope is on the horizon.

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