Friday, April 04, 2008


I’m not going to go into the gory details of my SHG; here are a few of the highpoints

Ø today, there will be a person from the ultrasound software company sitting in to train everyone on the new software
Ø oh, and the ultrasound technician was also training someone new (who wouldn’t love a big audience when you’re having a catheter inserted in your cervix?!)
Ø the next time your bladder is as full as can be lie backwards over the arm of your couch and have someone push on your abdomen with a cold, gooey covered poking device – then try not to pee
Ø cooter-cam – ‘nuf said
Ø I never imagined I’d hear these words “gee your uterus really didn’t like that, it spit the balloon out at me”
Ø But the best part was, hearing them say both tubes are clear and the uterus is fine

So, I got a clean bill of health that way, but it was not all good news. I may be perimenopausal – this year my cycle is all out of whack. It makes me even angrier now that the lab screwed up my blood work and didn’t do the CD4 FSH test. I told the dr. that I was on CD7 and he said that from the state of my cm that my body thinks I’m much further in the cycle. Then they said that there weren’t as many follicles as they would expect to see if the cycle was advanced. So, I’m really not sure where I go from here.

The most ominous thing that this doctor told me was that I should start thinking about my fertility chances in terms of months rather than years. Of course, I was too freaked out by the procedure to think to ask what that meant so now I have to wait until the results are in next week to talk to my own doctor about it.

I left the procedure and went to work which was pretty dumb. A few hours later I felt bloated and crampy and ended up going home. Overall, the SHG wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I wouldn’t want to do it again.

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