Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I took matters into my own hands today and went to my doctor's office to find out why my FC hadn't received all of the blood results yet. Turns out everything was received and faxed to the clinic on April 14th. I had the wonderful receptionist fax everything over there today. Then called the FC to let them know that the blood work was being faxed. Nurse F. gave me a call back and scheduled the follow up appointment on May 15th - only two weeks away!

The downside is that she just noticed now that the blood work results from April 2nd shows that my Rubella immunization shows "inconclusive". So now I have to get re-tested. If I'm shown not to be immunized then I will have to get immunized, wait a month and then be re-tested. Of course, the "Negative Nelly" in me is thinking already that I am not immunized and that I will have to get immunized which means any plan we have for ART will have to wait until the immunization issue is sorted out. Did I mention they've had these results for a month?! And that I could have taken care of all of this prior to the May 15th appointment if I had known?!

Oh well, really, oh well. I am just happy to have a next appointment. I am anxious to hear what Doctor Handsome has to say and what the plan will be. Will he mention DE (donor eggs) because of the high FSH, will he suggest going straight to IVF (geez I hope not 'cause we can't afford that right now), hopefully we can do a couple monitored medicated cycles and then maybe IUI before we jump into the IVF procedures.

On a different note - tomorrow I go see Dr. W. (my naturopath). It's going to be my first acupuncture session. I'm not nervous about it at all because so many people have told me that it doesn't hurt at all. If there's anyone reading - what were your acupuncture sessions like?

I really need to get one of those visitor counters, or whatever they're called, to see if anyone is actually reading this. I am writing purely for myself so that I don't drive all of my RL friends and DH crazy with my worrying and obsessing.


Mums_the_word said...

I'm reading! :)

But most of my comments will find their way to you elsewhere, I imagine ;)

Sweet Georgia said...

mums - thanks for leaving a comment!