Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Getting Ready

Not much is new on the fertility front. H. goes for his repeat SA tomorrow; although the numbers were great at the last one his volume was a little low (well a lot low). They think it might be retrograde ejaculation, which really just means instead of it coming out it goes back into his bladder. Dr. Handsome said it could be happening because his sphincter doesn't tighten up enough (tee hee - sphincter's a great word). Apparently, they have found that if you take Sudafed, one of it's many healing powers is to tighten the sphincter - et voila - more volume out the other end. So, H. is to take a capsule 1 hour before he does the deed. Poor H., I don't envy him having to do that at the dr.'s office. Can you imagine if the Dr. said, oh and now you have to go behind that door and get yourself off while I and my nurses wait for you. I am pretty sure I'd have a little bit of performance anxiety.

My task prior to our next appointment was to get blood taken to see if I am immune to Rubella (German measles). On my prior blood work it came back as inconclusive, so I have to re-do the test. I called my Mom and asked if she remembered if I had been immunized for Rubella. Of course, my Mom being the organized woman that she is, still has a box of all of my and my brother's immunization records. I was immunized on May 4, 1972. So, does immunization fade over the years? Can it simply just disappear?

So, I guess there is a little bit happening on the fertility front, but we still don't have a plan. I'm all about having plans; but right now, I just feel like I'm at loose ends. And, of course, with the little information that I have, I am thinking the worst.

Yet through it all, I have this hopefulness residing inside of me. A sureness (if that's a word) that we are going to get pg and we are going to be parents and that this whole journey will be worth it.


Mums_the_word said...

Seriously? Sudafed can do that? Neat! (sorry... I marvel at the things I still don't know ;) )

As for the Rubella... yes, in some people, the immunization (to this and other things) can fade over time. That's one of the reasons they have booster shots for various things (I'm pretty sure Rubella's one of them, because I have a vague recollection of a bunch of people getting called down to the nurse in high school for a bunch of boosters).

That said... I had my Rubella shot as a baby (mid-70s), didn't have a booster as far as I remember (and being one of those people who really hates needles, I'd remember ;) ), and my test came back immune... so think positive!

Anyway... I've got my fingers crossed that both of your tests come back with good news :)

Sweet Georgia said...

Mums - sorry for the delay in responding - work has been nuts!

ya - the sudafed thing is so neat!

Thanks for the good thoughts!