Friday, May 30, 2008

Just gotta have faith...

On Monday H. is supposed to be starting a new job that has a big fancy title and a 6 figure salary. Yesterday, he was contacted by the employment agency he used and informed that the company no longer required his services. They gave some bogus reason (it’s not you it’s me…) and now H. is back to square one. No job in sight. He has two interviews today and has re-connected with some of the employment agents he was using, but this has really shaken him. He said it was like getting fired without ever having had the job. Poor H. We’re okay financially for now, but he really needs to get something quickly.

I kind of feel like H. dodged a bullet. The company that had initially hired him is an Internet start up and the CEO is around 26 years old. Can a 26 year old really have the life/business experience to be a CEO?! Clearly she didn’t handle this situation very well – we think the money person told her that she couldn’t spend as much as she offered H and then she started making up stories with the employment agency to get out of the deal. And, the entire thing was done via email – that’s right – the “CEO” didn’t have the balls to actually call and talk to either H or the employment agency. Who does business that way?

How does this affect our plan, you’d like to know… well let me tell you… It may push back the medicated IUI cycle. Right now we are targeting middle of July, but if H. doesn’t get another job for a while that may have to be revised. On the plus side, all of the meds are covered by my insurance - it’s really only the IUI that has to be paid for and that will cost between $300 & $500. The amount is manageable (read won't cripple us).

Of course, I’ve got that mind-fuck of a normal cycle happening so Hope (that bitch) is saying maybe we won’t have to pay anything…blah.

If you want to follow along in the fun, here’s a link to my FF chart:

By the way, I have complete faith in H. I know that he’ll get a great job with a decent salary – he is talented, smart and innovative so any company would be lucky to have him.

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