Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tra la la, ovulation has occured

I think I O'd yesterday. Nothing like jumping right in to the heart of the matter, eh?! I've had lots of egg white cm and my temp dropped yesterday with a nice spike in temp today. We've had some very well timed baby making sessions and now hope is seeping in.

At our last RE appointment, Dr. Handsome told us we have a 10% chance of getting pregnant naturally. That's better than 0% or 1% right? So, now that it appears that I may actually be experiencing a normal cycle I am filling up with hope that this month we may actually get pregnant. Yesterday morning I felt certain after our 'business' that we had succeeded. It's completely irrational and yet it's there - optimism.

In non-ttc news I have been thoroughly enjoying this weekend. The weather has been beautiful, warm and sunny. It makes me want to kick back and relax, soak up the warmth and drink a tasty girly drink out of an iced martini glass. Instead, I ran 2.5km yesterday and then H. and I drove around our neighbourhood going to open houses. Today, I finally cleaned the back rock garden of all of the debris and leaves that had gathered in it over the winter. Not back-breaking work but I'm glad it's done. My puppies kept me company while I was out there. I've included a picture of them so you can see how cute they are:

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