Friday, May 02, 2008

36.5 degrees Celsius

This morning I remembered to take my temperature! Woohoo, hopefully this will become a habit again. Part of the deal with my naturopath is that I will temp every day. I have found it so difficult to start temping again. I think out of the list of things I am supposed to do that the temping thing is the most difficult.

Here's the rules I am to live by:

No sugar
No caffeine
No dairy
Temp every day
Take 3 capsules of Chinese herbs twice a day.

So far so good with the rules. The sugar thing has been kind of difficult, the caffeine things was pretty easy, but the dairy thing - oh I miss my dairy. I love starting the day with a bowl of granola and fat free yogurt. Now I'm just feeling my way as to what I eat when. I definitely have to sit down and give it some thought so that I can have a plan.

On a completely different note, my Mom sent my brother and I an email today informing us that she spent the night in the hospital. I find this so weird. I know that she didn't have my Dad call us because she didn't want to worry us, but I still wish that I had known. Of course, there's nothing I could have done and she definitely would not have wanted us at the hospital, but I still feel like we should have been told. She went in because she thought she was having a heart attack. She had an EKG and chest xray and had a bunch of blood taken, but so far the only thing they can find is that she has very low blood pressure. She was released this morning and has to have a stress test on May 20th and she's got an appointment with her own doctor on May 15th. It's so scary.

I keep forgetting that they are getting older; my Mom just turned 60 and my Dad turned 65. So they're not that old, but... Of course, with the whole IF thing I start worrying "what if something happens to them" "what if they're so old/ill by the time they have grandkids that they can't enjoy them". So then I start feeling sorry for myself and now suddenly it's about me and not my Mom. argh!


Mums_the_word said...

Hmm... can you have eggs? I know when I was on one of my many eating plans (long story) breakfast was often a McMuffin knock off....

1 egg in a ramekin, microwave for 1 minute
1 whole wheat English muffin
1 slice ham... sometimes I crisped it up in a frying pan

No dairy, no sugar, but protein to kick-start the day and it had the added bonus for me of being easily portable. And quick... the longest part was toasting the stupid muffin!

I think I'd be lost without dairy, though. I don't drink milk, and I don't have a lot of dairy (lactose issues, mostly), but I'd be lost without cheese. And yogurt's my "treat".

And no sugar on top of it? I'd die! I need my cranberry juice with breakfast... it's the only thing that made me able to face a day of pounding back 2L of water during our treatment cycles.

Good luck! I hope this helps :)

Sweet Georgia said...

Mums - thanks for the recipe I'll definitely try it. Ya the no dairy thing is tough, but I really miss my glass of OJ in the morning.