Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Mistake

Um, hi, so um (toeing the floor sheepishly) I think I was a little ahead of myself in that last post. 'Cause, well, I did ovulate. And, we had perfectly timed baby-making sessions. And, it seems like my body is actually doing what it's supposed to do this month. So, i feel a bit foolish about that last post. I guess, I'm still not handling this whole fertility/infertility thing very well. I thought woo hoo look at me taking my supplements and getting my acupuncture. My oh my aren't I so well adjusted and taking everything in stride. Ya right. My temp drops 0.1 degrees and I throw in the towel.

And now that bitch Hope is back. I really need to get a hobby or a busier job or something so that I have something other than the 2ww to focus on. Really, just something like knitting or checkers that will occupy me so that I can kind of forget that I'm infertile.

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