Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh what a beautiful morning...

Today is a good day for a number of reasons.... H. got a job and not just any job - one that pays substantially and comes with a great title - VP of something or other. And, I went to acupuncture today which I love. I even had some needles in my belly. But the piece de resistance is the egg-white CM, I may actually be ovulating this month. Wonders will never cease!

About the job, both H. and I were getting worried because he was laid off on April 7th (or close to there) so he's been out of work for 7 weeks. On top of that I was sworn to secrecy about the lay off so that every time someone asked how he was doing and specifically how was his job, I had to lie. Hate being a liar no matter if it's for a good cause. The job is a nice step up for him, a great title and hopefully a challenge and even more hopefully it will be something he has for the next couple of years. I can't ever see him working at the same job year in and year out, but I'd like a little stability for the next little while.

About the acupuncture, I heart Dr. W. She is perpetually optimistic and has great insight. I never thought I'd like the acupuncture as much as I do, but I love it. I am so relaxed afterwards and always walk out with a big shit eating grin. The needles pre and post ovulation are different. Up until now I've had the needles as follows: one in the top of the head, one above the bridge of my nose (between my eyes), one in the inside of each ankle and one in the outside of each shin. Today they were in the top of my head, between my eyes, 3 in my lower abdomen, on the inside of each ankle and the inside of each shin. I said my little mantra for the 15 minutes or so I was lying there - Good Strong Healthy Ovaries and/or Good Strong Healthy Eggs.

Which leads me to the possibility of ovulating... my cycle has been completely whacked for the past four months. My temp dropped quite a bit 2 days ago, and then it went back to normal. Then today the egg-white cm showed up in great quantities, like it hasn't been for the past four months. So, based on that H. and I are going to have to get busy tonight and tomorrow night and the night after that, just to cover all of our bases. We only have a 10% chance of actually getting pregnant, but hey - if we don't do it we have no chance.

So, to re-cap - it's been a great day.

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