Monday, June 02, 2008

... Perchance to Dream...

I had the wildest dream last night that I was working at a hotel (or staying there – I’m not sure which) and somehow I ended up having to go to the doctor’s office. While I was there I had to have an ultrasound and low and behold I was 14 weeks pregnant. The baby was extremely well-formed for 14 weeks – looked like the ultrasound photos you see for 3rd trimester ultrasounds. I kept saying to the dr. “Oh my god, can you make that a picture?!” Then after the appointment they gave me an ultrasound photo and a ‘cleaned up’ photo where they take the ultrasound and turn it into a colour picture that looks like a live baby. I then proceeded to run around the hotel showing everyone my “pictures”.

It felt great to be pregnant; I was so happy and excited. The only weird thing (only – tee hee) was that H. wasn’t in the dream. I’m not sure where he was, but I wasn’t concerned about it. I knew he knew and was excited even though I hadn’t seen or talked to him.

I guess this whole two week wait thing is making me a little crazy. I’m on 9 DPO (CD21) my temp is still fairly high and I’m feeling good. No symptoms to speak of really other than slightly sore boobs, but that’s not unusual for me at this stage in my cycle. If this is a normal cycle I should get my period in 5 days. Of course with all of my wonky cycles lately, who knows when AF is due? I have promised myself that I will not test this cycle. If I don’t have AF by CD30 then I will go for a blood test. The POAS thing just leads to too much disappointment for me. Even as I was typing this, deep down I know I’ll probably cave and poas, it’s a sickness.

I have to keep looking at this positively, which means if/when I get AF then I’ll know at least I had a regular cycle. I ovulated and had a regular LP and hopefully it won’t be another 4 / 5 months until it happens again.


Swim said...

you had me thinking that the dream was real when i first started reading your post.

2ww do make you crazy. good luck this cycle.

Sweet Georgia said...

It felt incredibly real at the time. Crazy indeed!