Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I will be 24 weeks on Thursday and I'm feeling pretty good. Still throwing up occasionally, but I don't have all day bouts of nausea any longer. The latest is feeling the baby move. She's moving more and more every day. At first it started out as just sensations, kind of like something moving inside like doing flips in there. Now the movement is more like nudges and pushes. The other day I was having some belly time (lie on my back on the couch, open my pants to see my belly, rub belly and talk to babe) and she kicked and it was so cool. I could actually see my belly move where she kicked (or punched or elbowed). That was so weird to see my belly jump up from within.

Even though I've seen Little G numerous times on u/s and can now even feel her. I still get caught by surprise and think "OMG I'm pregnant". That happened this morning. After 3 years of trying, we're a little over halfway to achieving our dream.

On a non-pregnancy note, H has been at the WhartonSchoolofBusiness for the past week and will be there until this coming Sunday. It's the longest we've been apart since we met almost 10 years ago. He's doing an executive development program and from the sounds of things is enjoying every moment of it. We talk via Skyp almost every day, which has made being apart easier. I do have to admit that it's nice having the whole bed to myself. The dogs have become really sucky, following me everywhere I go, wanting to be beside me all of the time. This morning I was in the shower and I guess I hadn't fully closed the bathroom door, because suddenly it opened fully and when I looked out of the shower both dogs were curled up on the floor just waiting for me. It feels good to be loved. Well, I guess that's if you believe that animals can have that emotion.

In addition to H's schooling, I am currently completing two courses. One finishes at the end of November and the other the end of December. They are worth 1.5 credits and represent my last 1.5 credits required to finally get my degree. I left university years ago due to some very heavy personal stuff and it's been a struggle to get to this point. But, now I'm so close I can taste it. At the end of December 2010 I will have completed a Bachelor of Education in Adult Education. Woohoo! Then in Jan I'll have a baby and in April I'll turn 40. It's a year promising big changes.


S said...

Ooh, I can only imagine what feeling her move must be like! How exciting for you!

Glad to hear you are feeling pretty good. And good for you on the school stuff!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're cruising right along! I can't wait to feel movement!

Mad Hatter said...

Wow! Lots of exciting stuff! The next year is looking very bright! So glad for you!

Valery said...

Sweety! how unbelievable is that! everything coming together at almost the same time, some big milestones on your path..
Your positive vibe will be my inspiration today.