Friday, June 06, 2008

A Hodgepodge

Today’s post is a mishmash of the various items floating around in my little mind.


Today, I am 13DPO I haven’t tested and I do not have a plan to test. I’ve been temp’ing so I know that my temp has dropped and it really looks like it’s just a matter of time before AF shows. I went to my naturopath yesterday and she looked at my chart. She said that even though the temp is down, it’s still well above my cover line so she can’t say that I am or am not pg. Great – I knew that going in. I do not have any pg symptoms except for some boob soreness, but I usually have that before my period so I’m not really counting that.

Drinks with the Girls

I went out with my friends last night for a few hours. I had a couple of beers and one Key Lime Pie martini (made with vanilla vodka, coconut rum and lime juice – all I can say is yum. It’s tart and sweet but not too tart and sweet.) I know that in the 2WW you’re not supposed to drink alcohol among a list as long as my arm as other guidelines for the 2ww. I just decided to “live” this time. I didn’t go crazy and get all drunk and loosey-goosey. I was out for 4 hours, had 3 drinks and 2 big pint glasses of water as well as these tasty buffalo-style chicken fingers. I count that as a successful night.

Drinks with the Girls - part deux

One of the girls I was out with is the friend I alluded to in my last post. I was sure that she was going to announce that she was pregnant. I’m such a nut job some times. Worrying about things before they actually happen and then 99% of the time they don’t. Anyway, L is not pg. They haven’t even started trying yet. So, there you go. We did have a really good talk about our situations and her plan (she’s 35 and she’s going to wait a year before worrying about anything). Then she started to bring up the whole ‘you just have to relax’ bit. So, I politely and non-threateningly (I’m growing) let her know that relaxing isn’t my problem. High FSH and low quantity/quality eggs are my problem and stress management won’t fix that. She got it which was really great. It felt freeing to talk to her about trying to get pregnant and my fears and hopes - sharing our hopes and fears, really. None of the other girls in the group (girls – that’s a laugh we’re all over 35!) are even talking about planning for a family. Of the 5 of us, 3 are married (me for 1.5 years, T for 1 year, L for 6 months) and 2 are not married and are no where close. So, it may be a while, if ever, that the others can chime in. All in all, I’m glad I went.


Almost every year since H. and I have been together we’ve gone on some sort of vacation. Over our relationshipe we’ve gone to Muskoka for a long weekend, Australia for 5 weeks (amazing trip of a lifetime), Dominican for a week, Cuba for a week, and a Cottage outside Haliburton for a week. This year we went to Green Bay for a long weekend to see the Packers play the Giants in the NFC Championship (OMG – best sporting event ever, even though my Brett lost) and we stayed in Florida for a week with my parents at their condo in Redington Beach. Wow, reading that I feel incredibly spoiled! Still, I have this wanderlust. I want to go away somewhere exotic and lie on a beach and drink fancy drinks with umbrellas and read a book and just R-E-L-A-X. Alas, we have no money with H. out of work and won’t be going anywhere for the foreseeable future. So, for now I have to hold this wanderlust in check.

Now I’m just blabbing on and on, so let’s just cut it here.

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