Monday, June 16, 2008

In Which Assvice Abounds

Over this past weekend H and I went to his Aunt’s & Uncle’s (B & J) home, a cottage in Western Quebec. A lovely 4 and a half hour drive from our home. We left at around 10:30am on Saturday morning and got there at around 4:00 after stopping for breakfast, to buy a pie, to get gas and to get a drink of water. That’s right we stopped 4 times on our way there. We were no sooner out of the car and in the door when it started. Oh, no baby bump yet? Maybe you guys have the wrong book… you’ve been reading the one on how not to get pregnant. Maybe you need to change the Indian. (This one was pretty funny… this is definitely not our problem!) You should go to Europe on vacation, H’s aunt had trouble getting pregnant and as soon as she went to Europe she got pregnant. It’s really just about relaxing.

I think over the course of 24 hours I heard every piece of assvice known to mankind. I wasn’t prepared for it at all because my family doesn’t act that way… even before they found out about our fertility troubles we didn’t get a lot of those kinds of questions. We even shared our issues with J & B and they still brought out this tripe. On the plus side, I found it amusing more than anything. Sure it was annoying, but I know that they really just want to see us happy.

It was a very hectic weekend because when we made the plans to go there we didn’t realize it was Father’s Day weekend. So, we drove 4 and a half hours there stayed for 16 hours and then drove 4 and half hours back to my parents place for a BBQ. Now it’s Monday morning and I’m sleepy. This weekend went by way too quickly and I need a day to recuperate.

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