Sunday, June 22, 2008

That Was Close.

I almost died yesterday. How's that for an opening line? I wish I was kidding, but I'm not. H. and I were in an accident with a public transportation vehicle; long story short - it won. Incredibly, luckily, neither of us were injured. It was driver error on H's part and now he feels incredibly guilty. He's trying to wrestle with the fact that his momentary lack of judgment could have killed me (the impact was on my side of the car). The vehicle hit the front of our car just around the front passenger side tire. If we had been 2 more feet forward I probably would have been seriously injured if not killed. Wow. Just writing that makes it really hit home. Whenever you read a story about a near-death experience (I guess, more like a near miss) you see people write that their life flashed in front of their eyes. That's not what I experienced. I just couldn't believe we were in the situation that we were in - it was pure shock. I didn't have time to think of anything else. Now reflecting on the situation, I feel like I knew that I wasn't in any danger. Very weird. I knew that we'd be okay.

Our poor car. It was all crunched in at the front. Just a bunch of twisted metal. H. got a ticket for an unsafe turn. Weirdly, the cop was an ex-olympic athlete for Canada. It was all so surreal.

It had been a really good day. I ran my 5km yesterday morning. I did it in just under 44 minutes. I was something like 5th last, but I don't care. I did it!!!! I had run/walked before and did it in around 48 or 49 minutes so I took a nice chunk off of my time. H. was there to cheer me on, well not really "there". The race I did was at the Toronto airport on one of the runways. Pretty cool, but only runners were allowed entry, so H. had to wait for me in a tented area.

Afterwards, we went for a nice breakfast and then had a pretty lazy afternoon. Last night we decide to go get an ice cream cone at a place near us that makes home made ice cream. yum. We got a couple of cones and walked down to the lake to sit on a park bench and watch people pass by on the boardwalk. It was quiet and peaceful, and we got to just enjoy each other's time. Then on the way home - whammo!

Today, we're just trying to let the reality of the situation sink in.

On another note, FF makes it look like I ovulated again this month. We had some more excellently timed TTMaB and now I'm 3 days into the 2WW. I'm going to try and have the same philosophy as I had last month. Now peeing on anything, just wait and see if AF shows her face, then deal with it.

BTW - I am open to the possibility and I'm thankful we weren't hurt.

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