Tuesday, June 02, 2009

EPP Explanation

I was googling EPP and found a great explanation on a message board and have unceremoniously ripped it off for your viewing pleasure. My goal is to educate and entertain (not really, it's mostly just to have a place to vent!)

EPP = Estrogen Priming Protocol

"The purpose of estrogen priming (taking estrogen BEFORE stimulation) or taking birth control pills is to supress the FSH and give the follicles a rest. It's like listening to music or going to a loud rock concert- let's say you go to the really loud concert. You've had music just blaring at you for like 3 hours. Afterward, you can't hear a thing unless someone is screaming at you. But, with time, if you go to a quiet place, your ears become re-sensitized to sound and can hear more. It's the same with FSH. The feeling is if you have high FSH, your body has been screaming at your follicles so much so that they're no longer sensitive to the FSH call. Down-regulating with estrogen allows follicles to become "re-sensitized"."


Anonymous said...

That's really cool! Here they haven't really implemented much EPP, I don't know anybody who did it, they tend to put you on the pill though. Will you be doing that protocol? Love, Fran

Sweet Georgia said...

Fran, I'm doing the EPP right now. Well, it's monitored cycle to check out how I respond to the protocol.