Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

The 80's was the decade where I had my first kiss, went to my first boy-girl dance, learned how to drive, had my first beer and developed my taste in music. I was completely enamored with Abba - I had all of there albums including SuperTrooper (one of my faves). The first album that I bought was Blondie, then the The Village People Go West, down the road Thriller entered my hands.

I never became one of the screaming girls enthralled by MJ, but I loved his music nonetheless. He changed the face of music (no pun intended) and of music videos for the better. It is that MJ that I am mourning today. Truly though, that MJ has been gone for a very long time.

I find it incredibly hypocritical that the same newspapers, radio and television stations that were calling him a monster and plastering pictures of his absent nose or him dangling children from balconies are now going on and on about what an icon we will be missing.

This man was incredibly flawed, I believe in more ways than most people. He is a cautionary tale and should not be made into some sort of saint. It's so normal for us to do these things; to only remember the good and throw out the bad when someone dies.

My condolences are with his family and children. His music was an anthem for my generation.


Hope said...

Very Well said

iamstacey said...

I know you said no pun intended but "changed the face of music" just cracks me up :) I loved Billy Jean in high school, but I loved ABBA way before then! Great post.

Lost in Space said...

Hey, hun. Just finally getting my act together and trying to get "out there" again.

I'm so sorry things are rough right now and for your latest failed cycle. It all just sucks. I ask myself the "How did we get here?" question all the time. No answers for either of us, but I'm walking right beside you just the same, trying to get that footing thing down. Hugs.

Your post on MJ was spot on. I was never a big fan and thought he really turned in to a circus freak for the last many years, but his family and children loved him just the same.

I had a doctor appt. at UCLA (where he died) less than an hour after he died and the media/fans were already in full force when I got there. It was total insanity and took me 45 minutes to get up one level in a parking garage because of the traffic and crowds. I really hope I'm not on a youtube video somewhere. LOL.

La La said...

You said it EXACTLY. The Micheal we loved has been gone for quite awhile. Still sad though.