Tuesday, June 09, 2009

We have cable!

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for your support and kind words. It means so much more than you can understand (or maybe you can).

I had yet another b/w and u/s today. Again it took 2 hours to get out of there. Just insane. The lead on the left is now 1.7 and the right is 1.3. I'm seriously talking to my right ovary all of the time and cheering on the follies there. The plan is another 300 of puregon tonight and back in again tomorrow. Why does this feel so much like a marathon?

Things definitely got better yesterday. We have our cable and internet back. Turns out that they weren't supposed to string it across the street, it was supposed to go through our backyard. So that's fixed now and we shouldn't have that problem again. Just that little bit of news has made my world a somewhat better place.

Edited to Add

Just got the phone call from the clinic, my estrogen is up - 620 (206 US) and so is my LH which means that we are going to IUI. We go in tomorrow morning and do IUI#1. Thursday will be IUI#2. Here's the twist, since I'm about to ovulate naturally the lead on the left I won't do the trigger until tomorrow morning. Hopefully, the little guy on the right will be brought along and will pop loose on the following day. There's hope and dread rising. Hope because this could be it, dread because I hate getting my hopes up.


G & H said...

Good luck with the IUI! We'll be cheering you on over here in California!

Anonymous said...

Let us know how the IUI goes! Keeping fingers crossed and sending good vibes from Texas!
My DH works for the cable company and ironically it takes us the LONGEST to get repair visits! Aarrrgh!

Spacey said...

Good luck with the IUI! Sending lots of good luck vibes your way!