Friday, June 05, 2009

Wasn't Expecting That

Lucky me got two trips to the clinic today. One this morning for my blood work and ultrasound. Still 6 follies, still under 1.0mm. My estrogen is rising (153 Canadian measurement) so we're still in the game. There was a couple that brought their toddler into the office today. She was noisy and spoiled and was running around. A lot of the women in the waiting room were getting uncomfortable. Giving the parents dirty looks, shifting in their seats so that they weren't facing the happy little family. Both parents were there, so why wouldn't one of them entertain the kid elsewhere while they were waiting? It sort of bothered me, but I know that it really bothers a lot of infertile women. It's pretty insensitive.

So, 2nd trip today was for my SHG. Beautiful, perfectly shaped uterus just yearning to nourish a baby. Right tube, fully open. Left tube, not so much. The Dr. said that SHG's aren't the best for testing if your tubes are open. It's really a way to see if the uterus is shaped properly, if there's any growths etc. It could be that the muscles just contracted around the tube and temporarily closed it. Or it could be that it's simply closed. fuck. I'm trying to look at the brightside. I have one open tube on the right. The right ovary is where I get the majority of my follicles. So, hopefully it doesn't change my odds too much. I have to have an HSG next cycle.

What the hell is happening here? Why would my tube go from being open a year ago to closed now? I hate this.

Even with what seems like bad news topped on bad news hope is still rearing her head.


Fran said...

Now my friend, the very good news is the bloodwork which is going in the right direction! Focus on one thing only for today and as the doctor said that test isn't really accurate to see if tubes are opened. I feel very positive for you, join me! ;o)

Sandra D. said...

Bodies are funny - aren't they? One minute they are okay, and then the next minute you wake up with a huge growth coming out of your neck. They just seem to change when they feel like it. But overall you had very positive news! Sounds like your uterus is all ready :-).