Friday, June 19, 2009

Follow Up Appointment

We had our follow up appointment today and got our results and our plan for the future.

My AMH was 5.3 - signifies Low Ovarian Response, which we already knew because of my high FSH.

H's DNA Fragmentation results came back. 10% were fragmented. The lab's guideline is that anything under 15% means Expected Excellent Fertility.

When we reviewed our protocol the doctor noted that it didn't matter that I was on 300 of Puregon, that nothing responded extraordinarily. So, his recommendation to us is to try for 4 more good cycles (where FSH is low) with them doing natural monitored cycles. After that he's not sure what to do with us. we can do natural iui and/or natural iui. I will go in on CD3 for bloodwork, not sure how I'll tell if/when I'm ovulating and then will trigger. I also said how good I felt on the estrogen and could I continue that. The answer was yes. So, I'll also be adding estrogen to my luteal phase.

He told me that basically I'll be out of eggs in 2 years and basically we shouldn't be going to the clinic after the next 4 cycles because the stress of trying is just too much. And, we have as much luck on our own as we do at the clinic. He was all pretty up beat when we spoke about this. Oh and of course he'll work with us if/when we want to go the donor egg route.

He didn't say we're completely out of it and our chances are definitely not 0. But, he also didn't say exactly what our chance are. I'm assuming less than 5%.

It is just difficult to go to a clinic and be told that there's not very much they can do for us.

As I'm thinking about this I think he fired us as patients. Or at least we've been given our notice.

My husband is feeling pretty upbeat and positive about today's appointment. I'm trying to as well.


Kate said...

Sorry for the awful news. Sure it's nice that all's great with DH's sperm, but I keep thinking it's easier to overcome most MF (IUI or IVF/ICSI) than it is to overcome some of the female issues (severe endo, DOR).
I am glad that your RE doesn't want to waste your time or money, since you have managed to get the chemicals on your own. I hope you find the "golden egg" soon, or that you and DH are able to come to peace with the DE option.

Phoebe said...

They must measure AMH differently in Canada? If I had an AMH of 5.3, I'd be doing cartwheels in my RE's office!

Thank you for your comment on my blog about your FSH levels! I know it fluctuates monthly, but I was just so shocked to get such a high number!

Anyhoo, sorry for the bad news. Seems like a lot of that going around lately :(

Echloe said...

I'm sorry for the bad news.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think the clinic could do an ICSI on a natural cycle for example. Here in Ireland is not popular to be honest, but in Italy many more clinics offer this possibility. Basically they can harvest the single egg naturally produced during your cycle, fertilise it and put it back in. Poor responders have a better chance it seems. So I wouldn't give up hope petal, maybe get a second opinion?
Also thanks for the tip on the crinone! I bear it in mind! Love, Fran

Spacey said...

I'm so sorry for the way the fallow-up appointment went. I don't think any of us expected that kind of news. I hope you'll be able to form a plan of action to move forward. **hugs**