Monday, January 25, 2010

Cleaning House

I was inspired by Fran to clean up my blogroll. (Thanks for the motivation!) I have removed a few blogs that hadn't had any new posts for months (if you want to be added back, please let me know) and I also added a few new blogs that I have been following for a while. I use to be notified of new posts and lately it hasn't been working very well, so I'm going to go back to using my blogroll.

This little bit of reorganization as well as this post over at Just add Eggs has motivated me to clean up our spare room. You know the one, it's the room that was originally set out to be the nursery back when you were starting TTC. That room that has now turned into the storage/library/ironing room. Well at least that's what has happened at our house. We have a small one and a half storey war time house (built in 1944), there are two bedrooms and no baths upstairs. There is a full apartment in the basement where my father in law lives and that leaves very little storage room for us. We have generally used the spare room upstairs as the catchall for all of the stuff that we're not quite sure what to do with, boxes of papers that have to be gone through, book cases and the blow up bed. The closet holds our luggage, my wedding dress and golf clubs amongst other things. I also use it as the room to hang dry clothes and a place to do the ironing.

There is a part of me that's been a little gunshy about cleaning out this room. You know the whole tempting fate mentality. I don't want to seem too presumptuous and clean out the room in the face of all of the issues we've had so far attempting to get pregnant. Lately there is a whole other school of thought that I am leaning towards. This one is telling me that by leaving the room as is, we are telling the world, the fates, the whatever that's out there, that we don't expect to be successful. I think it's time to start going through the room and cleaning it out. It's time to make room in our house for our future baby. It will be a physical manifestation of the room I've already made in my heart.

Hmmm, do I sound crazy? Is this making me sound like I'm grasping at straws?

And, for full disclosure, there's a part of me that knows that one day I will be pregnant and at that time, I won't want to deal with the mess. So, wish me luck, I'm starting tonight.


Valery said...

Wishing you Tons of luck! if cleaning up cupboards is really required to get pregnant, well, that would explain a lot for me ;-)
Cleaning up and throwing out, saying goodbye to stuff, for me that is as hard as loosing weight is for others. Including the 'keeping it off/out' part. So once again Good Luck! Already proud of you for starting!

Mad Hatter said...

I'm all for feng shui for fertility...and it'll just feel awesome to get organized, no? We have tons to do in that department, too...Good for you for making room!!!

Kate said...

I hope your intuition is right! Should be nice either way to get rid of the junk (DH would laugh at me for saying that, since I'm notoriously bad at it). Hope the sorting and cleaning goes well!

Lost in Space said...

Our room has been empty for over a year now with only some junk in the closet. It has been "suggested" that we make the room into something usable today, but I don't see it as anything but a nursery. Hope your clean up goes well!

I gave up with updating a blog roll on my blog page with too much moving and shaking and rearranging. I use Google Reader which seems to do the job most days. (-; It always feels good to clean things up!

Spacey said...

Glad to hear that you embarked on cleaning out the spare room. Decluttering is always a good idea.
Btw, did my blog disappear from the list or it never made it?

Sweet Georgia said...

Spacey - Sorry for the oversight! I have added your blog!