Monday, January 18, 2010

Yesterday we had lunch with my parents' friends, the ones who know Prague quite well. They did a lot of research for us, but most of the information regarding the clinic we knew already. They were very helpful with giving us ideas about what to do and where to stay when we're in Prague. J, who is from CR, was very stern giving me fatherly advice to "not be a tourist after the implant". He told me to hunker down in my hotel room and not do anything to ruin our chances. They both were so kind and their assistance was very appreciated.

We went to a restaurant in the city called Terroni's. It's aim is to serve authentic Italian food, not North American Italian. Even the juice/pop/soda are imported Italian products. I'm not a huge fan of their food, but yesterday was good. Maybe it was the company. J picked up the bill for the 6 of us which was extremely kind and completely unexpected. He was rather smooth and sly in doing so, the bill had been returned to him before we even knew he had asked for it. None of us even saw him talk to the waitress. It's amazing how men (generally) are able to acquire this skill.

On a DE TTC note, I brought my prescription for BCP with me to work today. I'm supposed to start it on Day 1 of my next cycle. Since I'm not exactly sure when that will be, I am just going to get the prescription filled so I'll have it ready to go.

Last night I had a horrific nightmare, it was vivid and I woke myself up trying to yell for help. All I could manage to make was a horrible gurgling sound. I think I was still half asleep, though because I felt like the monster had come through my dreams and into our home. I had to fully wake myself up to be reassured that I was safe. With my heartpounding out of my chest I sat up and located the dogs sleeping on my side of the bed on the floor. If there was someone in the house they'd both be barking or running downstairs to check out the noise. Then I wondered if H had left the sliding glass door unlocked. I had to get up go downstairs and check that door as well as the others to make sure they were in fact all locked. Then I got myself a big glass of water because after all of that gurgling/screaming my throat was bone dry. This was all at about 2am-ish. You can imagine how well I slept after that. The one nice thing is that when I went back to bed, H. asked me what I was doing and I told him about the dream. He told me to hold his hand until I could get to sleep. So sweet.


Fran said...

Oh noo, nightmares are so frightening and really it does take a while for you to realise that everything is ok. Big hugs pet for last night.
I'd love to know what you ordered in that Italian restaurant and whether it was truly Italian! ;o) definitely a lovely friend to pay for all of you, I'm sure they will be behind you with support all the way. I heard so many good things about the clinic in Brno, I have absolutely everything crossed for you my friend. Fran

Kate said...

I've had a not-so authentic pizza at Terroni's, but it wasn't bad. Just not a real Italian-style pizza, which I have very high expectations of.
Can't wait to hear about your trip to Europe and your succesful cycle in Brno! Best of luck.

Mad Hatter said...

That's so great that you have such wonderful support, from both your parents' friends and your DH. I can't believe it's such a short time before you leave - so exciting! Sorry about the nightmare - I've had my share, and it's pretty disturbing to wake up in the middle of the night like that.

Anonymous said...

Yay on getting some good traveling advice - it's coming up fast!