Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Kindness of Almost Strangers

Yesterday H. and I went to M&J's place. They are the friends of my parents who were helping us get information about the CR and what we can expect when we get there. H. had volunteered to help J with something technology related and then we were going to look at some maps of where we are staying in Prague and M&J were going to point out places of interest around there for us.

Well, to our complete shock, M&J have given us their apartment in Prague to stay in. It's central to everything. We even have the keys already. They also gave us tickets for the streetcar and almost $200 CDN worth of the Czech money (Kc). We were completely flabbergasted by their generosity. I still can't quite believe it. They are giving us a cell phone to use while we're there as well. It's really almost more than I can take in.

As we were leaving, H & I were talking about how we were shocked by everything that had just happened. And, how it must be from their end of things. I mean J. is from the CR and as a couple they couldn't have children. Now 20-ish years later, we are going to J's homeland for a procedure that has a 60% chance of working. It must open up old wounds for them. I feel horrible for having any impact on M this way. We're kindred spirits and I would hate to be causing her any pain.

I would really like to find a way to thank them for their generosity. Where do we even begin? Do we send them a card now, or wait until after the trip? Or do both? what is appropriate - a card? flowers? dinner out?


Fran said...

Sweetie, your friends are amazing. If they couldn't have children of their own, they probably have come to term with it by now, and I'm sure they feel that if in some way they can help you get there and realize your dream, it will be as if there became a bit more fertile themselves. As to how to thank them; well, i think I would perhaps send them something now, may be a plant with a thank you note, and then bring something back from Prague. I can feel your excitement building up!! love, Fran

Spacey said...

Wow! Those are some amazing friends! I am so glad that they are helping you in this journey any way they can. I think a thank you gift now would be nice (like a nice flower arrangement or edible arrangements?) and maybe going out for dinner together when you return?
So exciting that things are coming together so nicely!

Lost in Space said...

It sounds so much like they want you to have every opportunity that they once wished for themselves. When I look through the losses of IF, the loss of the opportunity to parent often finds people looking for other ways to fulfill this need. This may very well be fulfilling their need. (-;

I would likely send them a heartfelt note now thanking them for their support and generosity. And then a gift from the there something they like from there (maybe edible, etc.) that they can't get here that you could easily bring back? I think there will be other opportunities to express your appreciation in the future too (like after you are growing that belly).

What incredible people they are.

Kate said...

They sound fantastic! They must be so excited to help you guys fulfil their dreams. I like Fran's ideas of a plant and note now, and some special treats from Prague. Personally I prefer plants that will last and be beautiful to flowers that are only gorgeous for a few days and then die.