Friday, January 29, 2010

The BCP is making me feel like I'm pregnant. I'm emotional (crying at the drop of a hat), I feel bloated and full and my boobs are sore. The things we put our body through to get pregnant! I have already forgotten to take my pill twice. Very irresponsible of me. But, I figure I'm not trying to prevent pregnancy, just getting the timing down for my DE cycle so I'm all good.

Still feeling better, I was lying in bed talking with H last night and explaining how much lighter I felt. The acupuncture relieved so much of the built up tension in my body. I slept really well last night as well. Which is good since I have a big night planned for this evening.

It's one of my best friend's 40th birthday next week. We are holding a girls' night for her tonight. We've rented a suite at a hotel downtown and are having a big pyjama party. We're going to listen to 80's music and watch 80's movies. We're going to eat junk food and hang out. We're also having a manicurist come to the room to give us manis. It's going to be so much fun! I'm in charge of the cake, so I went to an awesome little cupcake shop in the Beach (a neighbourhood in Toronto) and got two dozen mini cupcakes - half double chocolate and half lemon. Yum! I was going to bake them myself, but I can't ice them as well as the professionals and I wanted something a little nicer for my girl T.

Then next weekend is my little bro's 30th birthday. I'm helping to plan it with his girlfriend. We've never communicated this much. She's a really nice girl and wants to throw a good surprise party. The only thing is she doesn't really have the funds to do so. So, H&I have stepped up as have my parents. So, we're having it at a pub, we've ordered the food and reserved the space (and got a fabulous deal!). I went on to P's facebook and got a picture from his profile. It's one where he's used and age enhancing program. We are printing up the picture and making it into masks. So when he gets there everyone will have one up to wear as a part of the surprise. I mocked one up the other day and it was pretty frightful!!! He's going to love it!


Kate said...

Sounds like you've got lots going on. I could go for some cupcakes myself... Hope the parties are fun! And that you don't forget too many more pills :)

Mad Hatter said...

Oh, soooooooooooo glad you're feeling better (albeit emotional!) and those parties sound AWESOME! I'm so jealous of the PJ party!!! Perhaps I'll crash! Have an amazing time! ;-)

Fran said...

I never liked the pill either. Not a bit. But it'll be over really soon! I love the pijama party you have planned for this evening, and so cute that you are in with the organising of the birthday party for your brother too! I'm sure he'll love it!
Much love, and keep the spirits up, Fran

Spacey said...

Glad to hear that emotionally you are feeling so much better. :) Yeah, BCP sucks.
I love all the parties you have planned for the next little while. They sound like tons of fun! Enjoy. :)

Lost in Space said...

Love all the party stuff you have going on. The girlfriend party sounds so so wonderful!!

Yuck on those dreaded little daily pills. I would rather jab another needle in my belly everyday than take those things. I hope the side effects subside soon.